YOUR FLUTE WORKS has for many years enjoyed the opportunity of gathering flutes that are no longer wanted, donating any needed repairs, and offering them to schools that do not have the means to purchase their own instruments. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, Anne put out an urgent call. Many flutists very generously donated instruments that Anne repaired and directed to a very hard-hit school: Ben Franklin High School (St. Bernard Parish) in New Orleans…helping to get their band and orchestra up and playing again! Prior to this, all flute donations were directed to the Kopeia Village School in Ghana…a school for impoverished children in Africa.Your Flute Works has recently made a connection with a school in St. Marc, Haiti, which has continued to function since the 2010 earthquake…and we are now are excited to initiate FLUTES FOR HAITI!

The Musical Academy of St-Marc in Haiti aims to develop and promote Caribbean music by creating a new academic environment where the general and Caribbean theoretical elements of music will be taught.

The Academy’s purpose is also to train a new wave of teachers and musicians who will ensure the teaching of an international musical language, following the vision of its founder, the celebrated Haitiain musician:Eval Manigat. Thus, the graduates will not only be able to export their talent but also to better represent the musical rhythms and styles that are so specific to the Haitian cultural heritage. With the pride that will emerge from this exciting and useful training, the Academy will contribute to rebuild the soul of the Haitian people by strengthening their musical culture. If you have a flute you would like to donate, Your Flute Works will donate repairs on the flute and provide you with a document acknowledging your charitable donation.

Your generosity will bring focus, purpose and happiness to a child who would otherwise miss the wonderful opportunity to play the flute!

Contact us with questions or donations. Please click here if you would like to make a financial contribution directly to the school.”

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